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Helpful Tips ~ Anticipated Hair Loss

The Extensions Solutions!

The healthiest solution ever offered for hair beginning to thin. Light-as-air Cyberhair®
micro extensions - no glues or adhesives, no solvents, no hair breakage, no loss of color - just purely beautiful hair that will take your breath away...
micro point hair extensions
Micro Point Accents

Micro Point Accents® - Perfect solution for longer, thinning hair.

A Micro Point Accent has 100 Cyberhairs attached to one very tiny bead. Growing hairs slide through the bead and are attached without adhesive.

Better than human hair - Cyberhair® is a created hair that behaves like human hair in many ways, but is better than human hair -- absolutely beautiful and natural -- has style memory, won't fade, and is lighter and stronger than human hair.

Micro Point Links® - Invisible Solution for short, thinning hair.

A Micro Point Link is four Cyberhairs linked to one single strand of growing hair. Micro Point Link's knot is so micro-tiny, your new hair looks and feels like your own growing hair. This after picture shows what the hair looks like after 1200 links have been added. Micro Point Link's do not need to be removed, or replaced -- they grow out with your own, natural hair.

We are the certified Micro Point Accent® salon for this area.
male hair extensionsmicro point extensions on male
Micro Point Links

Hair Products
  Hair Support®
Has been integrated with Micro Point Solutions®
to provide you with a powerful program.

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